Roofing Steps

Below is an example of the 9 step process we’ll take to install your new, asphalt shingle roof.

1. Obtain all necessary building permits. Schedule necessary inspections at appropriate times.

2) Prior to removing your old roof, we will protect the premises around your home or building(s). We will also cover and protect the inside of your home or building(s) from any falling dust or debris that could result from roof removal. This will be done only if considered necessary by Moreno Roofing Company or if requested by customer.

3) Tear off all existing shingle roofing down to roof deck. Clean and haul all debris from premises. 

4) If roof is not complete or watertight by the end of the day, it will be covered with a plastic tarp overnight to protect it from the weather.  This will be done only  when considered necessary. We monitor the weather frequently to ensure homeowner protection.

5) Inspect roof deck. If any dry rotted, termite damaged or any other damaged wood is discovered, homeowner will be notified. Upon homeowner approval, remove and replace damaged wood on a time and material basis (92.00 per man hour plus materials). This amount will be added to the price quoted below. Homeowner also has option of repairing damaged wood using their own resources.

6) Apply one layer of an asphalt saturated ASTM 30 lb. plain felt fastened over cleaned roof surface. 

7) Install new roof flashings.  The following roof flashings will be installed, replaced and painted as necessary:  Roof jacks, cap assemblies, valley metal, step shingles, chimney saddles, skylight saddles and pre-painted metal nosing.

8) Install a new CERTAINTEED LANDMARK HIGH DEFINITION FIBERGLASS ASPHALT SHINGLE ROOF (U.L. Class “A” Fire Rated) nailed over 30 lb. felt underlayment. Install high profile hip and ridge shingles to complete roof installation.

9) Clean and dispose of any debris resulting from job.  Your satisfaction with the final cleaning of your premises is important to us.

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