Christine Curry

Tim Lavelle

Josette Nauenberg

“I have worked closely with Moreno Roofing Company on numerous projects throughout the Monterey Bay area during the past four years.  I have found their performance and quality of work to be exceptional and above that of their peers.”

Peter D. Visel

Project Manager, Spacious Living Construction

“…my recent experience with Moreno Roofing has certainly been the most satisfying… relationship with a contractor that I can remember.  I called four roofing contractors… Yours was the only company to respond promptly and to submit an estimate within a reasonable period.  The project started exactly on time and was completed in a professional manner.”

G. Steven Mickelsen

Homeowner, Aptos, CA

“I can’t help but write of our immense satisfaction with the work you and your men accomplished in re-roofing our house.  Nothing was overlooked in making our house watertight. In every respect, your men were considerate, courteous and performed in a professional manner.”

Ward H. Bushe

Homeowner, Aptos, CA

“Professionalism marked every stage of the removal of my 25-year-old flattop roof and installation of the new roof.  Each of the workers performed with courtesy and efficiency, like an all-pro sports team.  Our expectations were exceeded.”

Elizabeth and George Ward

Homeowners, Soquel, CA

“…thank you for all the attention you have given us in getting our roofing system installed correctly and taking care of the residual issues in a timely and effective manner. …you really and truly are devoted to installing roofs properly and take great pride in all that you do. we liked your openness and willingness to explain the details, and also your patience in answering all my questions.”

Paul and Marilyn O'Rourke

Homeowners, Santa Cruz, CA

“From the first phone call, the communication with us was excellent and pleasantly handled.  In any construction project, there are the inevitable problems or unforeseen circumstances that occur. When such issues came up, your staff jumped on the problems and solved them right away. To me, this is the area that separates great companies from good ones.”

Gary Gangnes

Broker / CEO, Real Options Realty

“Ours was not an easy roof, and it took a fair amount coordination and planning to deal with the new skylight going in, the electrical work that had to be done and the new copper gutter which had to be repositioned.  I’m not ashamed to admit that we expected the worst. But from the beginning yours was a solid operation.”

Sharon L. Kinsey

Attorney at Law, Aptos, CA

“Your bid was prompt, well detailed and specific as to what materials you would use. The work by all your crew was professionally done, precautions were taken to protect the property and your cleanup was very thorough. …and I particularly appreciated your personal follow-up on some of the special requirements which I had.”

Raymond W. Fenn, Jr.

Homeowner, Pajaro Dunes, CA

 “In my business I work with many different contractors and sub-contractors.  Life would be considerably simpler if everyone I had occasion to employ held to the standards you did in installing our new roof. The process was done neatly, as scheduled and by a very professional and courteous crew and the roofing job you did was superb!”

Greg Shankle

Realtor / Owner

“The whole thing went great from start to finish. The process went quickly and never was there any mess of any kind left around the house. Most importantly though, the new roof looks great, (as do the gutters and downspouts). I would have to say that the job has not only met but exceeded our original expectations.”

Jay and Barbara Crouch

Homeowners, Corralitos

“Replacing a roof is a big investment and it is difficult to make a choice on contractors, materials, etc…  In the selection process I appreciated working with you as you helped us decide on the best options for our roofing material, gutters, skylights, repairs and new air vents.  I especially liked the idea that you have a full time staff and do not sub-contract out the work.”

Pete Espinosa Michael

Homeowner, Watsonville, CA

“I want thank you for the wonderful roof and your most amenable and hard-working staff.  They did a beautiful job, were efficient and careful.”

Candace Kirkish


“I do not have a habit of writing letters like this.  Then again, I haven’t had the pleasure of working with a roofing crew like the one you fielded for this project in years.  The work was well done, from the initial setup to the final booming of the finished roof surface.”

Richard Tippell

President, Applied Roofing Technology

“From the very first contact with your company I realized I was dealing with professionals.  Your estimate was clear and to the point. The project, as you know, was more complex than the traditional remove and replace roofing job, yet your workers completed it without a hitch.  I am very pleased to have chosen Moreno Roofing for this project and would recommend you to anyone looking to have a “good roof” over their head.”

Alex Tawasesum

Homeowner, Aptos, CA

“This letter is to thank you and your company for the very professional manner in which you dismantled and replaced our wood shake roof.  The work was done in a timely and organized manner and your employees worked efficiently and quickly.  We have a very handsome, new shake roof that shows outstanding craftsmanship.”

Pat and Dan Lester


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