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Shocked by Your Electric Bill?
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Go Solar With No Money Down

Let’s face it, we all need electricity and use it on a daily basis. In fact, statistically we use more and more electricity today than ever before. With our increasing demands for energy, PG&E has only exasperated matters with steady annual rate hikes, averaging about 5% per year since 2001. That’s a staggering 69% increase over the last 14 years! (source: PG&E’s own website)

The good news is that since 2007, the cost of installing a solar system has fallen by about 50%, while demand for U.S. solar power increased 41% in the last year alone. (source: Solar Energy Industries Association). Solar is now affordable for everyone and can even be purchased with no money down, similar to auto loans that we’ve all seen advertised.

We have access to a variety of amazing financing programs and take great pride in having assisted our customers with finding the one that is right for them. We’ve partnered with local banks, are an approved contractor for competitive financing plans, and offer free site evaluations for homeowners to determine if solar is a good fit. So, give us a call today at: (831) 724-6173, or email us at or sign up for a free solar quote here!

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through all the options that are available.

Why Go Solar?

  • Financial Savings Who doesn’t want to save money? With PG&E rates increasing by as much as 5% per year, now is the time to go solar.
  • Energy Independence No more utility rate increases, no more spikes in electricity rate charges during peak loads. Take back control. Enjoy the independence of owning your own electric power source.
  • True Investment How about an annual return of 12% or more in savings you can count on? Plus, up to $50k increase to your property value.
  • Federal Tax Credit – 26% in 2021 and 2022.  22% in 2023.  0% thereafter

  • Our Economy Support creation of great, skilled American jobs in a high growth industry. Your investment in solar energy supports American worker who live in our cities and towns.
  • The Future Investing in solar energy reduces your carbon footprint which reduces global climate change and directly promotes the use of sustainable energy with no emissions or harmful side effects.
  • Moreno Makes It Easy Our commitment to quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction is unmatched. Check out our reviews and see for yourself.

PG&E’s Tiered Billing System

The Utility Company rates are designed to limit usage / reward lower usage and discourage / charge more for higher usage that is arbitrarily considered above their “baseline.” Unfortunately, for most homeowners, limiting or cutting back on energy consumption, (especially in today technological era), is simply not an option. The following chart shows how PG&E  is charging you for your electricity, (as of Jan. 2015):

By going solar, you can not only lower, but lock-in your electric rate to under $0.10 per kWh,
w/ no more tiers, for next 25 years!

(assuming a cash purchase price of $4.50 per Watt for solar installation & remaining electric charges).

Call us at (831) 724-6173 to speak with a Solar Consultant for more information.

Steps to Solar

based on your convenience, we’ll work around your schedule and within our availability to set an install date.1. Consultation with Solar Representative – We’ll meet with you to gather all of the details and relevant information, including electrical bills, to determine current / future energy usage, and present you with our best recommendation for a PV solar system, including roofing analysis, array placement, energy production based on seasonal factors, cost of proposed system and various financing options specific to your needs. Give us a call at (831) 724-6173 to schedule an appointment.

2. Site Survey with Technician – Measure roof and sun eye analysis to determine seasonal shade patterns. Take pictures of house / roof / attic / electrical panel to begin preparation of plans.

3. Design Team to Create Custom Array – model in CAD / solar software and Consultant will present designs to homeowner to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

4. Financing Options, Payment & Approval – Once you decide on a financing option that’s right for you with our Solar Consultant, we’ll proceed with payment of system, materials, permits and installation costs. See our Solar Financing Page for more info on recommended payment options.

5. Designs sent to Structural Engineer – for approval, based on specific design laws in certain areas, states and counties.

6. Solar Consultant Prepares Permit Package – for approval from City / County, including signed permit application, CAD design and other relevant paperwork, and submit to Homeowner’s Association, (HOA), if applicable. During this phase we’ll also submit the application to PG&E for Net Energy Metering & Interconnection for Solar to public energy grids.

7. Schedule Installation Date – based on your convenience, we’ll work around your schedule and with-in our availability to set an install date.

8. Installation of System – our solar team begins installing mounting hardware, inverters, modules and performance meter if applicable – (approximate time needed 4 to 6 hours – depending on size and complexity of system).

9. Schedule Electrical Hook-up – Electricians complete wiring and connect array to the home and grid – (approximate time needed 3 to 4 hours).

10. Schedule Inspections – If applicable, schedule and performance of necessary building and electrical inspections via local authorities.

11. Utility Company Inspection – to inspect system and swap out old electrical meter to a net meter which counts both forward and backward flowing power.

12. Letter from Utility Company – Granting permission to operate (PTO).

13. Consultant Instructs Homeowner – on how to turn system on/off and shows how to monitor productivity via computer, meter and/or inverter display.

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